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blkhealth (21K)Your Faith and Health

In the late 19th - early 20th century, the American Medical Association came into existence and took control of the health of the nation. Making unacceptable the ways of natural healing and alternative medicines that were used before scientific medicine developed.

Thinking outside of the box, SAY IT LOUD believes that the natural forms of healing and many alternative medicines, if promoted and supported more by science and mainstream media, would help reduce sickness and insurance cost in the country, thus saving millions in dollars and lives.

In SAY IT LOUD most recent poll on personal health, we asked Black America questions concerning their own personal health and their opinions about medical science as opposed to alternative health methods. Here are the results:

When asked, Do you have Health Insurance?
82.61% said yes
17.39% said no

When asked, Do you nurse yourself or visit a medical doctor when sickness arises?
63.64% said, Nurse myself when possible
36.36% said, Visit medical doctors

When we asked, How many times a year do you visit the doctor?
47.83% said, At least once a year
13.04% said, Less than once a year
39.13% said, More than once a year

When asked, Would you say you have more faith in medical science or alternative medicines?
17.39% said, Medical science
34.78% said Alternative medicine
47.83% said, Both about the same

When asked, Would you consider yourself in need of medical science due to your health?
21.74% answered yes
78.26% answered no

When we asked, Would you prefer to learn more about alternative medicines, or are you content with medical science?
82.61% answered, Would like to learn more
17.39% answered, Content with medical science

Results Analyzed
Though Black America obviously accepts the social standards of depending on medical science by way of purchasing health insurance, overall, their instincts lean toward believing in or wanting more understanding of natural healings or alternative medicines.

This theory is concluded because more Blacks attempt to take care of themselves or understand their ailments rather than depend wholly on medical science, though in the end, they may have to resort to a doctor at least once a year.