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Black America and the Police

In an on-going trend of police violence against Blacks, SAY IT LOUD decided to ask the Black community its opinion on the relations between Blacks and the police. The purpose is to gather data in various areas of that relationship to gauge a clear understanding of the level of justice Black America perceive they get from police. The questions below gather a broad range of data from personal experience with police, to the amount of police in Black communities, to how Blacks in that community believe they are being treated, whether fairly or unfairly, in addition to what they believe the boundaries should be.
1. Have you personally ever or recently experienced injustice when coming in contact with the police?
Please choose:
I never have
Yes, maybe once
Yes, more than once
2. Do you know someone personally who have had unjust experiences with the police.
Please choose:
No, I do not
Yes, I do
Yes, more than 1 person
3. Are the police in your area mostly Black or mostly white?
Please choose:
Mostly Black
Mostly white
A mixture
4. Do you believe that Black people being killed by police mostly bring it on themselves or are being targeted?
Please choose:
Bring it on themselves
Being targeted
A little of both
5. Do you believe Black officers should patrol Black communities?
Please choose:
Yes, they should
No, they should not
It doesn't matter
6. Should police have the right to shoot and kill a resistant suspect?
Please choose:
No, never
Yes, if needed
On certain occasions
7. Would you feel safer in your community if law enforcement erected a prison tower in a crime-ridden area of your community?
Please choose:
Yes, it is a wise deterrent
No, I would feel like a prisoner
Makes me no difference
8. Tell us the story of your experience with the police.