All About Us

Social media and network from a Black perspective.


Afro Block is an open and free community for the purpose of bringing Black America together. We want to encourage and harness the talent, power, and knowledge of individuals who believe Black America are strongest when we work together.


Afro Block is the social arm of the Afromerica Domain and is Black-owned and operated.

Location: We are located in Richmond, VA.


All contributing parties to the AFRO BLOCK will contribute of their own voluntary will. The rights of the articles, poems, stories, and any other work submitted for publication on the AFRO BLOCK becomes the property of AFRO BLOCK. The author will receive public recognition for their contribution as being the author and as a gesture of acknowledgment. No contributor should expect any payment of any sort including money, donations, contributions, or repayment for their submission before or after submitting to the AFRO BLOCK. AFRO BLOCK reserves the right to all submissions to do with as we see fit.


Your donations help us build and grow.

The Block Party Radio

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